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Top Quality Screen Printing Supplies Include The right Computer Software.

Screen printing companies now use computer software to a greater and greater extent as they see how it improves their finished products and company efficiency. Why software? Because computer software stores important information and helps owners keep track of customers, orders, and the production process. The software gives the business owner more time to devote to product design and production without losing track of who has paid and who needs to receive a second notice. Software aids printers in artwork design and color choices.

When a screen print shop modernizes and adds computers and special software to their equipment, business improves. What if by working on art designs for customers on the computer, the graphics could be stored for future reference? Well, that is now possible. A screen printing company can have software that stores thousands of images for future reference. When that favorite customer calls and wants 200 or 2,000 more of that printed promotional item from two years ago, all the information and artwork is just a click away. If a customer wants a certain animal or other graphic image incorporated into their product, the image can be accessed in minutes. Want to see which of two or three color combinations works best, the software can do that too. The design can be shown in several color combinations on split screen for comparison.

It is always inconvenient when a printer wants to start production of an order and finds out they are low on or out of a needed color of ink. The software has the capability of inventory control. It can notify the business when one or more colors of ink or thread are getting low. The company can then order supplies regularly without ever running out of important screen printing supplies. This can save time and money for screen print business owners. It can make their production process run more smoothly.

There are even software products that keep track of industry pricing so that the business owner can be sure their prices are competitive in an ever changing market. There is software to invoice customers and oversee the shipping process. For more information on software for the screen printing industry, go to the website.