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The Features of CDPAP.

This is a program by Medicaid which helps the consumers who are registered under CDPAP to take own initiative in making sure that the take care of their health personally. This program was developed so that those people who have chronic diseases or disable to get assistance to get the help from home care or the services of the nurses.

Under the CDPAP we don’t have a patient as in the health centers would refer to them as a patient or a client. A consumer is the one who will direct how care will be administered and the activities that the caregiver will do.

The consumer is the one that is responsible for everything that his or her care entails. As a consumer under the CDPAP you are the one who will be responsible for hiring your caregiver and also pay the salary to the caregiver.

The consumer is the only one who has the mandate to fire the caregiver for any reason or any time that the consumer may feel like. The consumer is the only one that is given the burden to take care of any emergency or any problem that might arise.
It is important to know that under the CDPAP the caregiver can be any person even if it is a relative provided the consumer has identified him or her due to trust. Compared to other care providers that it requires them to have certifications of certain trainings, under the CDPAP it does not require that a caregiver to have any certifications of a certain training so as to offer the services of care to the consumer.

Under CDPAP the consumer has the choice to choose anybody as a caregiver whether it is a close friend, relative or any other person that the consumer can trust. It is important to note that for a consumer who is registered under the CDPAP it is against the rules to hire any caregiver who is a legal responsible adult such as a spouse or a parents.

A consumer registered under the CDPAP have a choice to look and get a caregiver through the licensed caregiver agency, whose responsibility is to take care of the consumer needs and help wherever necessary.

The designated representative can be given a job to take the responsibility of the recipient in the event that the recipient is unable to take of his or herself. Designated representatives must get the approval from the social services.
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