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The Most Popular Employee Appreciation Programs A great employee appreciation program will make employees feel inspired about the work that their doing since they’re recognized for it. Employees just feel better when they know that what they are doing actually matters. It’s important to let them know how needed they are even if their job is small. The following are common employee appreciation programs that really work. Giving Thanks When yo personally thank an employee for something it can be an incredibly powerful gesture. Some of the options for thanking employees include sending out letters detailing your thoughts, as well as talking to them in person to really get the point across and express true gratitude for the work that they do.
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Let your employees choose their own assignments when applicable so that they’ll be more likely to be interested in the project. When it feels like there is a choice involved they’ll be more likely to invest more time into doing it well. Give them Lunch A really easy way make your employees feel appreciated is to offer them a long lunch break on certain days or to order in free lunch at the office. Getting one of these options is pretty simple and yet it can feel like a real treat, which is exactly how you want them to think about the rest of the workday. Hear Them Out Starting a suggesting box and then responding to some of the suggestions will help your employees to feel like they are an active part of the conversation. Without a voice people feel disempowered, but with this option they have a chance to say what they want in an anonymous manner. Create Awards for Great Work Anyone who is always working hard and improving as they go should be eligible for being recognized in some way at this. This is why employee of the month programs can be so active and fulfilling. Not only is the individual recognized personally, but they are also recognized in front of the group which, can increase other people’s interest in working hard and getting that award as well. You can also create your own incentive-based award program with any sort of prizes that you want, from free coffee drinks to paid days off. When people know that there is a chance to be rewarded for their work they are way more likely to work hard than when they are simply expected to show up and do the same thing day in and day out. There has to be a reason for people to go above and beyond their average performance. The results will start showing immediately.