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OpenAir Salesforce Integration: A Way to Improve Service Efficiencies Many businesses today tend to prefer Salesforce as an effective CRM tool. However, if you’re an expert involved in provision of services, NetSuite may also a tool you’re using to help improve the efficiency of business functions such as resource optimization, project coordination, and expense management. Because you’re targeting the same customers, it is not efficient to keep capturing their data separately into the two online-based solutions. You could configure the two programs to share system resources, particularly the database, eliminating redundancies and wastage of time. That’s possible if you utilize an OpenAir Salesforce connector. Some of the common perks of OpenAir Salesforce integration are: Easier Opportunity to Project Conversion
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When you have your Salesforce and OpenAir data synchronized, it’s easier to covert opportunities to real projects. There are the prospects you have in your Salesforce database, and these can easily become OpenAir projects with seamless integration.
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The Visibility of Projects is Enhanced Project visibility along various dimensions increases with integration. An example is the ability to track important metrics like conclusion of the project, billable hours, or billed amount. Integration of Accounts and Clients You can use a connector to integrate Salesforce accounts with OpenAir clients. The synchronization feature is bidirectional, indicating that it can be executed from OpenAir in Salesforce or vice versa. Ability to Customize Although a Salesforce OpenAir connector has built-in functionality, it allows for full customization. All the supported data flows and functions can be tweaked to match unique business cases. The user-interface provided for customization is very self-explanatory. Contact Synchronization Salesforce OpenAir integration allows for the synchronization of contacts in both applications. The synchronization is bidirectional as well. Bulk Transfer of Data The manual or one by one execution of record transfer from Salesforce to another solution such as OpenAir can be very stressful and time-wasting. As such, if you’ve been using a complete customer database on Salesforce, and now you want your newly OpenAir account to rely on the same data, bulk transfer of the information is possible, getting rid of errors and wastage of time. Salesforce OpenAir integration makes it possible to execute such data transmission or synchronization across independent platforms. Ability for Use in the Cloud If you’re using OpenAir or Salesforce, it is evident that you appreciate the benefits that cloud solutions provide to businesses. The happy news is that OpenAir Salesforce integration solutions are designed to address your requirements, especially pertaining to the deployment of cloud-based solutions for business. Companies that are increasingly depending on cloud-based tools to minimize costs find OpenAir Salesforce integration very vital to their success. If operating in the service industry, this approach can help boost your competitive edge.