December 4, 2023

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Whether you’re looking to expand your business, create a safe workplace for your employees or manage your day-to-day operations through an easy platform, these companies can help.

Manage your team spendings with smart software

Looking for a sophisticated tech solution that allows you to manage your company’s transactions in one place? Spend management solution Payhawk offers company cards, expense management software, AP (Accounts Payable software), invoice management and subscription management, among other features. The Payhawk cards have built-in controls, so finance teams and managers can set their own spend limits, ATM withdrawal caps and approval workflows for fund requests. This means there’s almost zero risk of overspending. Cards are also connected to Payhawk’s innovative expense management software, so payments are seen in real time and your finance team can monitor cash flow and budgets. At the same time, Payhawk’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tech makes receipt data capture easy, while integrations with ERPs (enterprise resource planning platforms) and accounting software mean that all spend data is perfectly synced. Find out more at

Curb overspending: manage all your company’s transactions in one place in real time

Stay compliant with a smart health and safety platform

Manage any workplace incidents or accidents easily and efficiently by downloading Notify. The app’s secure cloud technology helps automate time-consuming processes and allows business owners to access important health and safety information whenever they want. Employees, contractors and visitors can report issues on the go, while customers gain clear visibility on the importance your business attaches to safety, health and environmental compliance. Digital audit trails (tracking the progress of an incident after it’s logged), photographs and video (which can be added to the app) support clients with incident investigations and claims management. Notify also offers software for audits, inspections and risk assessments, providing companies with a fully digital safety, health and environmental management system. Start your free trial at

Incident control: save time logging and tracking workplace health and safety issues with the Notify app

Discover a different way to sell your business

Looking for a potentially lucrative exit strategy? An employee ownership trust (EOT) could be worth considering. EOT is an ownership structure where a trust is established to hold a controlling interest in a limited company on behalf of the company’s employees. It offers many benefits to a business owner, including the ability to sell the business at fair market value, while removing the need to negotiate with third-party buyers. There are also financial benefits, such as potentially lower transaction expenses, the sale of a controlling interest to the EOT being exempt from capital gains tax, and the ability to distribute excess cash to the vendors tax-free as part of equity value. Employees never obtain direct ownership of shares held by the trust, but they do receive financial benefits such as qualifying for income tax-free bonuses and tax-advantaged share schemes. Visit and see how Doyle Clayton can help your business convert to this model.

Exit strategy: find out the benefits of an employee ownership trust with Doyle Clayton

Control your spend and estimate your CO2 footprint with an easy-to-use solution

There’s now a secure and accessible cloud data management solution that allows you to connect, organise and understand your spend, the market’s needs, your business’s contracts and supplier data, all under one roof. With Ignite Procurement, you can discover so much in hidden procurement savings, via the platform’s analytics feature. Or track cost/price fluctuations and demand to identify the most affected items and suppliers. The solution also allows you to bundle spend with the most competitive options, improve working capital, reduce transactional costs and control tail spend, as well as quickly estimate your Scope 3 CO2 footprint. No matter how many suppliers or how complex your data is, Ignite establishes a baseline for you, helps you understand your emissions, and also report them as per the GHG protocol. Find out more at

IgniteProcurement: discover hidden procurement savings and understand your emissions with this clever app

Make recycling simple and efficient 

Become more sustainable with Bywaters. With more than 70 years of experience, the company has helped thousands of businesses achieve their eco-ambitions with customised plans that reduce costs and waste. Bywaters’ dedicated sustainability consultants are a team of environmental specialists who work to achieve your green targets through educational, entertaining and innovative methods. With London’s largest solar PV array, Bywaters works to reduce your carbon footprint through detailed planning and the use of its growing fleet of all-electric collection vehicles. The company adopts the circular economy ethos; the aim is to repurpose any waste it can’t recycle. To ensure that the whole process is as hassle-free as possible, your service is managed through a customer-centred online portal and via a responsive customer support team. Get your quote at

Sustainability goals: achieve your eco-ambitions with a customised plan that reduce costs and waste

Take your workforce global

Global workforce management platform Remundo can help you expand your business into other countries by employing overseas staff, minus the time and cost of setting up any new branches. Simply identify the talent you want to hire and Remundo will cover employment, HR and payroll. You’ll get a transparent breakdown of costs and immediate quotes, while Remundo’s user-friendly platform ensures fast and secure onboarding. It also helps improve employee experience and retention by creating tailored packages with benefits, incentives and allowances, and reduces hire times with instant contract generation, with customisable options for contracts, that are tailored to each country while being fully compliant. Discover more at

Going global: take the pain out of expanding your business abroad with this staff onboarding service

Create a safe, environmentally aware workplace

Many companies have faced – and continue to face – big challenges, starting from the pandemic and the shift to hybrid working, and continuing with a subsequent mental health crisis. With culture driving all organisational behaviour, it’s worth asking whether your company is giving your staff the right support. If not, Tribe Culture Change could help you discover why and improve your business’s culture through engaging and memorable communications. The company uses consultancy and communications to create workplaces that are environmentally aware, safe and healthy. Join its next free Art and Science of Culture Change Virtual Masterclass on Wednesday 26 April. Visit to learn more.

Culture change: it is worth asking whether your staff have the right support in a new hybrid-working world

Manage your e-commerce business’s affairs with ease

Floodlight believes business owners should focus on doing what they love instead of navigating the myriad of platforms needed to run their business. The company has reinvented the finance experience for e-commerce business owners by providing them with a single platform where they can manage the finances of their business in addition to being able to grow it. Floodlight allows you to view your bank, Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook, Quickbooks and more in one place, intuitively categorising expenses and identifying cash flow trends and revenue insights automatically. You can create up to 25 virtual debit cards within the platform, and get unlimited 1 per cent cash back with your Floodlight Business Debit Mastercard to improve your margins. You may also access free unlimited transactions across the UK and Europe with Faster Payments and Sepa. Finally, you’ll get auto-generated summaries of your cash flow and round-the-clock consultative services from Floodlight’s e-commerce finance experts. Sign up for free at

Spotlight on e-commerce: the Floodlight dashboard brings together the myriad of platforms sellers need to run their business

Manage your IT operations from anywhere with a unified IT management platform

Are you an IT professional looking for the tools to make your job easier? NinjaOne gives IT teams and MSPs a centralised solution for managing, securing and supporting all their endpoints easily from anywhere and at scale. By combining patch management, remote access, software management, back-up, automation and more into a single platform, NinjaOne drives efficiency while reducing cost, complexity and risk. It will give you the tools you need to manage more endpoints per technician, get full visibility and control over IT assets, automate repetitive IT tasks and improve employee satisfaction and productivity. It could also help security teams reduce the threat of attacks, helpdesks remediate tickets faster, IT operations automate maintenance tasks, and IT infrastructure teams monitor and manage key systems. Start your free trial at

Get full control over your IT assets: NinjaOne combines patch management, remote access, software management, back-up, automation and more into a single platform

Make international deliveries easier

If you’re after a reliable delivery service for your business, consider Parcel ABC. Launched in 2014, the company has gained a reputation for being one of the best courier services in the UK (and considered to be among the best London-based companies in 2021, with many international awards). Parcel ABC’s main objective is to make global door-to-door deliveries affordable and straightforward. Therefore, the company has expanded its operations to Asia, other parts of Europe, Australia and the US. Parcel ABC has a unique system that calculates and fills couriers’ empty spaces – it unites thousands of local and international delivery companies, with courier partners including DPD, UPS, FedEx, GLS and Aramex, while offering real-time tracking, door-to-door service and online payments with a simple-to-use platform. Give it a go at

Reliable: ParcelABC has gained a reputation for being one of the best courier services in the UK

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