Month: January 2018

This Directory Helped Ease Our Minds

One of the biggest reasons we had the internet installed was so that we could stay in touch with relatives. We moved far away from where most of our relatives live, so we have to keep busy staying in touch with them. Having internet at our house was never a problem when we lived in our home state, but after we moved we found that it was a necessity. One of my biggest fears is to have something happen to someone I love that is across the country, so I want to be able to be reached if anything were ever to happen to someone.

Having the internet and phone at our home has also been a great source of entertainment. We used to go out to go see a movie each week, and the price of going to see a movie was surely starting to add up. Now that we have internet at our home we’re able to stream movies instead of going to see one at a theatre. It’s about time we made this upgrade. Most of my friends back home had the internet, so they were constantly criticizing us about not having wireless internet capabilities. When they visit us in our new city, they’re going to be in for a big surprise.

Having the ability to go online from home has improved our lives in several ways. We’re able to do most of our banking activities over the internet, which is something that saves us time each week. The benefit of using¬†online banking¬†saves me and my wife time on our commute home, and we’re saving time by no longer having to stand in line at the bank each week. Saving time on your commute brings your spirits higher, so I surely recommend making some of … Read More ...