August 18, 2022

Everyone has different places they would love to visit to spend their vacation but it always seems to be quite different for the tech geeks. They want something more than boring beaches or tacky theme parks. They want something that can inspire and offer them relaxation while giving them a chance to see technology at work.

Well, as a tech geek, you would want to see something different every time you travel. It could be attending a hyped conference or experiencing technological applications. The truth is that there are a million and one places that can capture your interest as the earth holds plenty of incredibly cool vacation destinations for committed geeks like you.

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Anyway, here is a list of 6 great places as a tech geek to have the best geeky experience.

1. San Diego

If you want a chance to attend the Comic-Con international conference, then San Diego in California is the place to go. The conference is held yearly and brings technology players in comic books and other forms of entertainment together. It also gives you the chance to meet the developers leading in the production of games and entertainment platforms and an opportunity to exchange ideas and update your knowledge.

2. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley serves as a global centre for high technology and innovations. It is even considered the home of technology and has hosted some of the most successful technology companies in the world today. Silicon Valley is located in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California. It also houses the Computer History Museum and gives you a chance to visit tech giants like Google, Facebook and Google among others.

3. London Science Museum

Numerous movies and TV shows have been filmed in London and its surrounding areas. If you are a pop culture geek, then you would surely appreciate a visit to the London Science Museum.

The London Museum gives you a chance to explore galleries and exploration space exhibits – A chance to see past technologies and also to think of the future.

4. Kennedy Space Center

If you are a huge lover of outer space, then this is a perfect opportunity to experience space travel technology. It has served as the NASA Launch Operations Center for decades. It gives you an opportunity to see some artefacts and a chance to appreciate some space exploration ideas that are in use in our daily life.

5. Akihabara Electric Town

If you are big on Japanese video games and electronic culture, then you should consider making the pilgrimage to Japan. Akihabara electric town literally has hundreds of stores specializing in all kinds of merchandise that promotes electronic culture. It also has tons of anime and manga stores so you are covered if you are an anime lover too.

6. Nantes, France

If you are big on Sci-Fi, then you should not miss attending the largest Sci-Fi convention in Europe, “Utopiales“. The conference is held yearly in Nantes, France and covers literature, comic, fine-art, role-playing games, among others. It also gives you an opportunity to satisfy your technology curiosity as you have a chance to interact with more than 18, 000 technology enthusiasts.

Well, there you have it. You have come to the end of the list of 6 places you should visit as a tech geek. Hopefully, you should have the best geeky experience!