August 18, 2022

1. Responsive Web Design

How to create your own website The first is to try to design responsive pages.
So your website will adjust its size when viewed in various types of devices of different sizes.
Currently, mobile & tablet browsing has exceeded desktop browsing.
Therefore, Responsive Web Design is 100{33daa8b8245ab29ee8e15d596841e43a98c8f7da39fb42b081b6baab79694bf6} MUST.
You can learn to create websites with HTML from various learning sites that are already available on the internet.
Does your website use Responsive Web Design? for more information : small business IT services

2. Branding – Logo, Font & Color

Your website must have consistent taste & appearance for the logo, font, color & language.
This will bring confidence to website visitors & help strengthen your brand identity.
Branding is perfect for anyone who wants to know how to create a website for a business that is no less competitive with a large company.
Does your website use a consistent brand identity?

3. Choice of Photos that are Eye-Catching & Magnetic – Not a random photo

It is very important for you to choose an image that meets your business goals & perfects your design and layout.
If your website uses good photos, you will get a higher sales conversion rate.
Other business owners who have websites – also tell me that website design & aesthetics are areas that are always reviewed to make it better.

4. Clear Navigation, Arranged Neat & Intuitive to create a website

Websites that are easy to navigate make visitors feel comfortable exploring their contents page & getting more information about your goods or services.
I myself often find websites with unclear navigation. That’s very bad.
A website with friendly navigation will increase your sales conversion
Why should this be done?
There are several types of people who want to shop (either online, or offline).

First, those who like to play around are looking everywhere, after getting the items they want, then they buy. People like this are not too worried, because they don’t mind navigation.
Secondly, those who enter the store (online or offline) immediately want to go to the place they really want to go to, there are those who want to directly search for website creation services, so we provide navigation that directly leads to the service page. website.
Third, those who are interested in a striking display. For example, they enter the shop (online or offline), they see that there is a promo depending on the top (becomes navigation if on the website).

Is your website clear, neatly arranged & intuitive?

5. Clear Contact Details

It is very necessary for website visitors to be able to contact you for further questions or assistance.
This is very crucial for your website to be user friendly, transparent & trusted.
I often find websites that have no telephone numbers & addresses.
In addition, I know many website visitors who cancel purchases by ignoring shopping carts when checking out – after knowing the website does not include clear contact details.
Has your website included clear contact details?

6. Persuasive Headlines That Make You Stop & Read

The next way to create a website is to use the headlines on each page.
Persuasive headlines & clearly explain the benefits will make your visitors stop & explore your website.
Many split tests have proven that headlines are very influential
Your headline will determine whether a website visitor will stay on your website … or run away immediately because you feel your website isn’t worth seeing & just spending time.
Learn how to create a website with HTML, because these headlines usually only need changes in the HTML section.
Remember, if your headline is not interesting – your content will not be read.
Has your website made persuasive headlines?

7. The Most Important Information Placed in Above The Fold – The Top Area on the Website That Is Seen Without Scroll

Learning to create a website is the same as learning to design websites.
In web design, the term above the fold refers to the area of ​​a web page that is visible without having to scroll.
Logically, visitors to your website will give greater attention & remember information about things that appear first & last on your website.
Most website visitors don’t want to scroll down – they only see the top.
If they feel the website is not clear about what is offered & it looks messy, they immediately run away to another website.