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What Kind of Diamond Fabric Like? Let’s Read More!


This type of diamond fabric is one type of crepe fabric that is usually used as the basic material for making hijabs and robes. This fabric is textured like orange peel, slightly rough but light. Crepe itself in French means to shrivel. It can be seen from the type of crepe fabric which has a complicated knitted texture to produce a distinctive texture such as diamond fabric which is in great demand by hijabers as a fashion trend for robes and pashmina. Hijab To be more complete and clear, let’s see a complete explanation of the types of diamond fabrics.

Different Kinds of Diamond Fabric 

Quoted from several sources, here are some types of diamond fabric that you should know.
1. Diamond Italiano Fabric
This type of diamond fabric has a rougher texture. This fabric is also stiffer and thicker than other types of diamond fabrics. This one fabric is not so soft but comfortable enough to use. As I explained above, Italiano diamond material has a rougher, thicker and stiffer texture than Georgette diamond material. The orange-like texture is also more visible and feels better when held.
2. Diamond Bubble
Unlike the Italiano diamond fabric, for diamond bubble the texture of the fabric is bigger like a balloon, that’s why the name is diamond bubble. Textures like this will make the fabric wavy when worn. Even though the diamond bubble cloth is textured, it is still very soft and comfortable to use.
3. Diamond Crepe
Diamond crepe has a coarser texture than diamond bubbles. Unisma However, this fabric still feels smooth like diamond bubble cloth. This diamond crepe fabric is thinner and lighter and stretchy. This fabric is a type of fabric that is very commonly used as a base for pashmina.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Diamond Fabric
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