October 2, 2022

Accessories are the staple of any woman’s wardrobe. A watch will also make a style statement while helping a woman stay track of time in her busy day. Since a watch is a perfect accessory, it may be hard to pick the best type to fit a woman’s personal style.

Sports Watches are Trendy Right Now

Ladies watches are available in every style and type such as smart watches. A smart watch is more than a watch that keeps track of time. It has technology that monitors heart rate, her fitness and has GPS. These watches provide internet access and access to apps. Designers are making ladies smart watches sleek and stylish rather than bulky.

Skeleton Women’s Watches are Look Sophisticated

A skeleton watch is an alluring and bold take on the classic watch style. A classic watch has an small or medium size face that has the second, minute and hour hands. It has a leather or metal band that completes a classic look.

A skeleton women’s watch features an exposed dial that shows off the internal mechanics and gears of the watch. Also, the face may be slightly elevated. This gives the watch a sophisticated look that makes the watch a conversation piece.

Red Gold Watches are More About the Material than the Look

Red gold is a hot color trend in women’s jewelry and watches right now. The metal has a blush-tone on the wristband and dial that puts a beautiful twist on the classic gold watch. These watches definitely make a statement about elegance.

A Boyfriend Watch is a Feminine Version of the Men’s Watch

A boyfriend watch is just as someone would expect. These women’s watches are chunky, big and oversized. It has a large face like men’s watches. They are classy and classic. However, they have a feminine twist such as a smaller wrist band.

A Bracelet Watch is Beautiful Piece of Jewelry

Some women prefer their watches to look like jewelry. This makes a bracelet watch the perfect accessory. What makes a bracelet watch different from a traditional watch is the wristband. The wristband is an actual bracelet which hangs loosely around a woman’s wrist instead of being secured tightly around their wrist.

Watches with Prints and Patterns on Them are Available

A lot of women’s watches are available with prints and patterns. For instance, a woman may prefer a watch with a leopard print face or floral design. Another woman may prefer a watch with the print or pattern on the wristband.

Picking the Perfect Women’s Watch

Fashion trends will come and go depending on what designers are putting on the runways. Watches are one way a woman can show off personal style and not distract from their wardrobe. If there’s uncertainty about what type of women’s watch to buy, consider wardrobe and lifestyle. If work is the focus, a woman may want a luxurious watch rather than a sports watch. If she is a causal dresser, she may prefer that shows off her style.