December 6, 2023

In case you don’t know how to build a good gaming pc of your choice, today I will show you step by step guide on how to make one and the best place to get your pc parts. Before you assemble these parts, here are things to consider.

Choose your budget: we shall be considering you are a beginner if you are not aware that the least amount you will need to build a good gaming pc is $300. That amount is for entry-level games, and such an amount can’t be enough if you are the type that wants to play modern games like the monster hunter, world, or doom eternal. However, the required budget for recent games is around $400 to $600, while budgets from $700 upward will give you the advantage to play better modern games and allow you have access to content creation features.

Understand your needs: for reading this short piece, there is no doubt you would like to build a pc for gaming. In this wise, the kind of game you want to be playing is essential, as playing older games or games within the range of esport games should not cost you more than $400 to assemble. But if you are looking to play modern games as we explained earlier on, try to budget not less than $600 to collect your parts, and you can get your best pc parts from BestBuy.

Components needed to assemble a good gaming pc

Processor (CPU)
Motherboard (mobo)
Graphics card (GPU)
Memory (RAM)
Storage (SSD or HDD)
Power supply unit (PSU)
PC case

Processor (CPU)

three essential things make a good processor, the cores, the clock speed, and the threads. However, there are Intel processors and AMD processors. They all have their respective areas of specialization. But if you want to know the best of performances of either of the two. Go for a tool like userbenchmark.


Deciding a motherboard is determined by two factors, the low end, and the high-end overlocking capabilities. However, just as the processor, you need to use either of AMD or Intel motherboard. But for whatever one you want to go for, there is no problem they are both recommended.

Graphics card

GPU is an excellent complement that has a good impact on your gaming component. It helps enhance a unique visual display to help gamers enjoy their time while on the system.


The memory is of different categories; there are the DDR4, DDR 3, and so on. Depending on the size of the memory, that is what will determine the speed of the system. However, what matters most that can give you your required rate is the quantity or amount of ram you can install on your motherboard.

Storage (SSD or HDD)

Nowadays, people now get to realize that going for SSD storage is better than going for HDD (Hard Disk), but whatever one you want to use, they are both recommended.

Try as much as possible to check the quality of other parts that make up a gaming console on userbenckmark. Then you will not make mistakes.