October 2, 2022

Being a nerd these days isn’t something unusual. In fact, it is positively a thing to treasure and be proud of.

In a changing world of technology and digital advancement, we all need a techie in our lives.

But what happens if the techie in our lives is the person that we are romantically involved with?

This is a game changer, and one that perhaps comes with it’s fair share of challenges as well as advantages!

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Do It For The Right Reason

First off, you should make sure that this is something that you want to do for the right reasons. Geeks make great partners for as many reasons as ordinary people make great partners.

Just because of the label, a person doesn’t become any more or less loveable, noble, trustworthy, or anything else for that matter. Well, maybe a little more tech minded…

But the point is, don’t date someone who you’re not into just because you think they may turn into the next Silicon Valley hero.

Chances are, your date won’t. You’ll be disappointed and they’ll get hurt.

Date a geek because you’re into them.

Don’t Treat Them Like They’re Weird But Loveable

Treating your geek like a loveable teddy bear that’s also great with setting up the Xbox and streaming TV is bound to get you into deep water.

Technically minded folk know when they’re being used for their skills, and that’s OK sometimes. Being treated like a quirky helpdesk isn’t going to help any romance anytime soon.

Your geeky partner needs to be treated with respect and compassion just like any other date. You need to understand that geekynes is an extra quality, and you need to show your affection properly.

Act Normal

Above all else, you should be yourself when you’re dating your techie.

Just as you may want to date a techie, your techie may want to date someone who isn’t.

If you pretend to be something you’re not, things will go wrong.

First of all, you’ll get found out very, very quickly. You can’t fake it if you haven’t got it, so don’t try.

Be yourself is the mantra of every good solid relationship that’s going anywhere.

Once you learn to relax and be yourself, then the rest is going to come a lot easier.

Last Words

So, if you want to date a geek, you’ll need to forget the stereotypes. Don’t try to be someone or something that you’re not and learn to act naturally.

If this is a relationship that you want to last, then these basics will stand you in just as good stead as they would if you were dating someone who isn’t a geek.