August 19, 2022

How to Easily Fix a damaged hard drive is easy-hard. But my friends can try to fix it and of course by understanding first how to fix it and also the level of damage, visit here for more detail information. Easy-hard hard disk repair is a little less persuasive convincing. But that’s the fact that success or failure to repair a damaged hard drive depends on how severe / level of damage to the hard drive. Hard drive is vital hardware and important role on a computer or laptop. Without a hard drive the computer operating system or laptop may not be able to run. And I think personally, as long as the hard drive is not physically damaged or burned main board then there is still hope to save the hard drive along with the data that is in it, for detail information

Well in general damage to the hard drive can be categorized into 4 levels.

Level 1: Damage Due to Bad sectors.
How to handle it:
1. Initial handling can use FORMAT C: / C command
(match the drive to be formatted).
/ C is used to clean the damaged cluster.
2. If step 1 is not successful then use the Disk Manager program from each
each hard drive manufacturer.
3. If step 2 is not successful use HDDREG software, please download at
internet program.
4. If step 3 does not work try Low Level Format or Zero File.
5. If still can not, then do the division of harddisk sector and do not
use again the damaged sector.

Level 2: Damage Due to Losing Hard Drive Partition and Data
This can happen due to virus or wrong way of using utility program. There are important things that must be considered when it will restore the lost hard drive partition, ie File System Type and Capacity. FAT System files are easier to handle than NTFS or Linux File System. Therefore check first using FDISK or Disk Manager. Once done in the check then you can restore the hard disk partition using Acronis Disk Director software, Handy Recovery, Stellar Phoniex dll.

Level 3: Hard Disk Detected BIOS But Can not Be Used
This can happen because it is caused by a problematic Firmware. Usually occurs on the Maxtor brand hard drive with the god name series. now to fix it you can download the Firmware program from the hard disk brand website.

Level 4: No BIOS Detected Hard Drive
This is the worst level. May have to utak especial component of electronics in it. Well to menaganinya following procedures:
1. Check the electrical current flowing to the hard drive
2. Replace the IC on mainboard Hardisk
3. Open the cover Cover harddisk and check the position of Head hardisk
4. Extreme way with Canibal hardisk others