May 27, 2024

Not difficult to target new car price discount, because today many salespeople or dealers are competing to offer it. But more importantly when buying a new car is an effort to get the best price, for more detail information : glory 580

Here are tips:
1. Provide info. Before visiting the dealer, you must have as much information as possible. Check, whether the model to be purchased will be refreshed (facelift) or updated. If so, this could be the ingredient to suppress the price. It’s a good idea to check the official website of the price listed as a benchmark.

2. The Right Time. Many salespeople are targeted by monthly deadlines. So, you should visit the dealer ahead of the end of the month. They tend to give additional discounts in order to reach monthly targets.

3. Be convincing. Do not look too eager and know-it-all. But at the same time, you also have to be sure that you are not just “looking around” and “wondering”. Affirm that you really want to buy a car, but only with the right price.

4. Main strategy. Never tell the maximum fund salesperson. Because this will only weaken your position in negotiating. Ideally do not let the maximum budget be used.

5. Go around and challenge! Do not be in a hurry. Spend some time visiting dealers to compare. Take the best offer, then challenge the dealer next or before to beat the offer.

6. Swap-plus. If the exchange-added process is part of the negotiation, make sure you stay profitable. Ask the details of what your used car price is, then put in for how much money, and so on. If it is not relevant, it’s good to sell your used car to the wearer first.

7. Money is not everything. If the salesperson can not offer the value you expect, ask them to issue additional value in addition to money. For example, an extension of warranty or equipment that usually makes consumers have to spend more money. But remember, choose the accessory or equipment just what you need.

8. Do not be afraid to leave. If you are still not satisfied with the offer, do not be afraid to leave the dealer and say thank you. Rest assured that there will always be another dealer.