April 20, 2024

Blender is one of the household electrical appliance (ARTL) that is used to destroy or refine the food. This tool uses a four-edged knife slicer component. The blade spins through the rubber-rubber coupling to the rotating motor shaft. The use of a best blenders under 100 in the kitchen not only to make fruit juice and smoothies. Blenders can also be used to smooth the spices and even to squeeze the coconut milk. Some blenders are equipped with a filter placed in the container/tube for the purposes of squeezing the coconut milk or separating the juice from the fruit juice.

Given the various crushed ingredients, ranging from strongly flavored fruit, coconut, and spice, it is important for us to know the tips on taking care of the blender to be durable and odorless. To avoid the odor on the blender tube, use a piece of lime when washing it, rinse with clean water. Alternatively, put the slice of fresh bread into a blender container, process it for a while until the bread absorbs the smell around it, rinse thoroughly and dry with a cloth.

Do all the required commands in the book or brochure when you use a blender, and avoid all that you are prohibited from doing. In general, the manual or the instruction manual contains the following steps of use:

Check and match the requirement of supply voltage and working frequency with installed voltage and work frequency in place you will use a blender.

Position the blender switch at position ‘0’ or off.

Insert or plug in exactly the bowl bowls used on the stand until the two teeth of the coupling gear and the rotor-coupling gear are intertwined correctly. Remember!!! Close the bowl of dough tightly. If using a large bowl that is destined for juice making, then do not forget to install the stirrer stick stuck in through the holes available on the bowl cap.

While still holding the bowl of dough, position the switch ON-OFF on the ‘ON’ position.

Pay close attention to the blended dough conditions. If the dough circulation is already smooth, then stop the blender spin by returning the switch position to OFF position. Do not pull the bowl of dough in a blender motor still spinning. Dangerous!

Attention! Do not run the blender motor for too long, more than an hour without stopping. Usage that melibihi one hour without stopping will increase the heating temperature of the motor and will be fatal. Such conditions may result in blender motor burning.

Clean the blender immediately after use. The trick, empty the blender tube, then fill with water up to one quarter. Press the blender button until the water wipes out the bottom and the knife, then rinse under running water with soap clean. Dry the blender with a clean cloth to dry completely so that the blade does not quickly rust. Store the blender with the lid in a dry place.

Attention! Blender body should not be washed. In the body of the blender, there is a motor and a series of electrical blenders. Laundry blender will moisten the motor and the blender circuit. This may result in blender motor and short circuit (short circuit) electrical circuits. The next impact is the motor and motor circuit will burn when re-run.

By always paying attention to how the use of a good blender will definitely make your blender more durable. One of the lasting blenders and the economical price is Tori THB-1518G Blender. Hopefully breakfast yah tips above and do not forget to buy a blender ditoko online trusted.