April 20, 2024

If you’re a manufacturing plant or an automotive shop, it’s likely you know what an air compressor is. You most likely have one, two, or many of them installed around your business location to assist employees in various processes of their jobs. These machines are perfect to fulfill a variety of tasks in many different business industries.

Automotive mechanics tend to have a large array of power tools. From taking off lugnuts to unscrewing bolts under the hood, compressed air proves a great alternative to the elbow grease method. This not only saves the strength of your mechanics so they can work longer but it also speeds up the time it takes to complete a normal job. For example, a mechanic may spend fifteen minutes unscrewing lug nuts by hand. When compared to using a power tool to remove the lug nuts, the same mechanic can remove the tire, fix the problem, and re-install the lug nuts in the same amount of time. In addition, shops will utilize compressed air to fill up tires for optimal road driving.

In manufacturing plants, there tends to be a high need for power ratchets and screwdrivers. These pieces of equipment tend to be operated by your employees. Due to the high number of products that are being produced daily and the quickness of the process, having machines that use compressed air is a must. This allows employees to simply move the ratchet or another tool to the product, push the activation button, and tighten the bolts in place in a matter of seconds compared to minutes.

In paint shops and machine shops, the Gardner Denver compressor has become a lifelong staple in getting business done. Compressors power the painting equipment so that there is an even application of paint on the products. It’s very simple to see the difference in quality between a job that was handpainted and one that used a paint sprayer powered by an air compressor. In machine shops, these compressors are essential for cleaning out products and the shop. By blowing air into the small crevices of machined products, these manufacturers can ensure a good end product for their clients.

Any sort of manufacturer that deals with formulating molds and using plastic or glass for their products can benefit from an air compressor. These machines work great to eject product pieces from the production molds without damaging the pieces. The forced air is great for those who need to blow out their plastic or glass products. For example, water bottle manufacturing plants need compressed air in order to formulate the shape of their bottles.

Air compressors are an essential piece of equipment for many business industries around the globe. They come in handy for not only powering equipment but for cleaning and molding products as well. These machines speed up productivity and take less of a toll on the health of your employees. We highly encourage you to think about where air compressors can come in handy when it comes to improving your overall business processes.