Learn PCI Data Security Standard

The advanced use of tools, the risk of data security and the use of advanced techniques by fault architects expose the weakness in applications and systems. If the organizations enhance their card data security and compliance protocols, then there will be chances for minimizing the revenue loss to a greater extent. It is necessary for the organization to make sure that customers can completely trust their payment network and the infrastructure of the technology. For this, the organization must have to set PCI data security standard.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard PCI DSS is a definitive standard for compliance for the payment card industry. This standard is set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council PCI SSC. It sets down the standard for all organizations that maintains the information of card holder for the major credit, debit, e-purse, prepaid, POS and ATM cards. The accomplishment of this PCI standard is a mandatory one which is considered by the central banks of several countries. Similarly, it is applicable to all related organizations such as banks, third party processors, payment gateways, BPOs and IT companies.

The IT security training in PCI DSS provides professionals and organizations the fundamental knowledge that is needed to execute the standards of PCI in a successful manner in the organization. By obtaining a complete knowledge of the target behind each compliance requirement, candidates can make well-versed decisions about compliance efforts. Also, by taking this training participant will be able to know how to minimize the possibility of card breach, improve security, reduce the risk of data losses and simplify compliances with PCI-DSS.

What will participants learn?

Learning PCI data security standard will provide knowledge about

  • An overview of the payment card industry
  • Roles and responsibilities under PCI
  • PCI Security Standards and the relationship between the standards
  • Terminologies and definitions
  • How data breaches commonly occur
  • How to build and maintain a secure IT network and systems
  • Protection of cardholder data
  • How to maintain a vulnerability management program
  • How to implement and maintain strong access control measures
  • How to regularly monitor and test networks
  • How to maintain an Information security policy

Who will learn this?

The PCI data security standard can be learned by professionals those who want to be an expert in payment security information, and by managers, executives and professionals those who are affected by PCI compliance requirements. Similarly, this data security standard can also be learned by

  • Compliance managers
  • IT managers
  • IT security managers
  • Professionals of change management
  • E-commerce managers
  • Governance and risk managers
  • Product development managers
  • Financial crime and fraud managers

In PCI data security standard learning participants will learn about the basics of PCI DSS, the route to compliance, PCI DSS scoping, how to protect cardholder data and how to develop and maintain a secure system.  In addition, participants will learn about monitoring and testing systems, how to maintain IS policy and the relation of PCI and PA data security standard.