October 1, 2022

Millions of people in the world have become tech-savvy especially in terms of mobile usage. This is evident in the ever-rising number of smartphone users all over and as it continues to grow, many issues will keep emerging especially concerning data security. Mobile security issues arise due to smartphone users’ need to enhance and better the experience. By installing extra applications besides those by the manufacturer, the users will customize their mobiles to enjoy and explore more of the smartphone world. The app market has therefore grown indefinitely due to this demand. Whether it is for entertainment or lifestyle related, one will always install apps of choice occasionally.

Google and Apple, the main players in the smartphone business, have provided secure app stores for the safety of android and IOS users respectively. They have tried to quench the users’ thirst for apps in the best way possible. However, not all apps can be found in these official stores. One may be required to opt for third party apps or sideloading apps. Looking at the latest mobile app insights more third-party app stores may have a wide range of apps not found in the official stores, but it is not a recommended choice due to;

Lack of Restriction

These stores have no restriction policies. App developers have a lot of freedom and may target the unknowing audience as compared to official stores. The developers of third party apps grow their skills but there are some who may have suspicious intentions that only official stores can detect. Third party app users are not secure on the network level. Outside the office network, security is not tight enough. This exposes the app users to Wi-Fi sniffing and man in the middle attackers when connected to unsecured networks. Mobile malware could lead to loss of data and information theft. Google and Apple store are therefore strict on the kind of apps they make available for download. They will only accept apps that pass their security criteria. Malware such as XcodeGhost can only be found in third party apps as they are more vulnerable than the Google and apple store’s apps. It is imperative to have malware detecting software to secure your mobile’s data information.

Evolution of Attack Techniques

Cybercriminals and hackers have expanded their thinking and come up with superior vulnerability detection tools. The tools have been advanced and automated in a way that they can exploit unsecured apps without the users noticing. The mobile app attackers will use these tools to find their way around developer’s credentials to steal cached data by the third-party apps. Following these incidents, mobile users should be extra careful with third party apps since it may be unavoidable to install one. The best way they can protect themselves is through avoiding unsecured networks and public Wi-Fis, using trusted anti-malware software to keep off any malware infection and use mobile security testing tools. Do not wait until the phone crashes due to malware or virus infection. Act quickly towards ways to secure your mobile phones after installing the untrusted apps. If not, just stick with official app stores that will have considered the mobile’s security for you.