October 2, 2022

Many people are confused by the status in the form of sound when opening social media such as instagram, twitter, Spotify, and facebook and look cooler. But maybe not yet what the name of the app and the name of the sound app is a soundcould app that you can use in particular mobile phones android and you can download it on Playstore for free. If you have Spotify application, maybe you need to buy spotify followers too.

Soundcould application is a voice recorder application that has a very complete feature and you can record and then upload it on instagram or other social media. SoundCloud is an online audio platform that allows users to collaborate, promote, and distribute recorded conversations, songs, and mp3s to the SoundCloud site. SoundCloud was originally created in Stockholm, Sweden, but was officially founded in Berlin, Germany in August 2007 by music designer Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlfross. SoundCloud initially allowed musicians to share their songs with other users and then transformed into a tool to publish their full tracks.

A few months after SoundCloud was in operation, SoundCloud began to challenge MySpace’s dominance as a musician’s platform to share the songs of the singers and interact with fans.

In April 2009, SoundCloud received € 2.5 million Series a funding from Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures. In May 2010, SoundCloud announced it had one million subscribers. In January 2011, SoundCloud has received $ 10 million B Series funding from Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures. On June 15, 2011, SoundCloud announced they had 5 million registered users, and investment funds from Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s A-Grade. On January 23, 2012, SoundCloud announced on their blog that they had 10 million registered users. (from wikipedia.org)

Soundcould application advantages:

You can share your sound recordings directly to the social media you want without having to complicated by opening the application but you must first create an account in soundcould to easily access it. You can buy soundcloud favorites, for your soundcloud account.

This application you can record as well as listen to songs in soundcould, and in this application, there are millions of collections of songs.

In addition to listening to music here you can also download the songs you want without having to search in applications or other websites for free.

Perhaps many people feel angry when opening an application and there is an ad applied to it. But in soundcould this is no ads at all so look neater and even if there are ads very rarely.

It has a good download speed when you download a song as well as a very good voice recorder application because rarely or never applied this error.

After the above there are several advantages soundcould below there are little shortcomings of soundcould applications.

You must create an account first if you want to use soundcould more easily.
Sometimes the songs you want to download are not all the songs you want to be here and sometimes there are some songs that you cannot download.