April 19, 2024

Here are some tips and also suggestions for horror movie lovers in order to comfortably watch and minimize fear when watching a horror movie.

-Watch the game with friends
The most powerful way to minimize fear when watching a horror movie is not to watch alone. Watching rollicking, be it with a boyfriend, friends, office friends, or other friends are highly recommended, find a lot movie here : watch movies online free hd streaming

Watching games will reduce fear drastically because we take the view that we are not alone even though later the atmosphere is carried away in the movie story being watched, at least we have someone who will be frightened together. Better still when a friend watching a horror movie is a courageous or humorous friend, this conversation with a friend of this type will minimize the fear with his remarks.

-Preparing shields in the form of pillows or dolls
After having friends to be invited to watch, the second thing we need when watching a horror movie is a shield or reinforcements to just be a blindfold when horrific scenes occur. One recommendation is to prepare objects that are considered to be comfortable like a pillow or a doll, so instantly when the movie is showing a spooky scene we can immediately embrace and cheek the eyes with pillows or dolls, and recommended movie here : 1movies

-Find out the movie synopsis to watch
Before setting yourself up to watch a horror movie, the first level of preparation is to know the flow of the movie we are going to watch. We should find out first how the story of a horror movie to watch. At least we know how the level of excitement of the film, whether the visualization of ghost figures, whether the sound of ghost figure, or a peculiar sound peculiar.

-Choose the right time to watch
One smart way to watch a horror movie is the proper time preparation. When watching a horror movie make sure to be banned loud watch at night, especially in the early hours of the day. The best time to watch a horror movie is during the day so as not to get carried away with the atmosphere of the film that mostly tells the setting in the dark.

-Maximize hand function
In addition to preparing shields, the most basic thing of self-protection is part of our own body, prepare our hands to be able to reflex close your eyes or close your ears when the movie shows or listening to scenes that are considered creepy. Move hands as fast as we can to avoid paranoid.

-Wearing Earphone
One that is recommended when watching a horror movie is by wearing earphones or a headset, using this tool we can quickly escape from the audio clarity when a horror movie sounds creepy sounds, this method is quite effective and efficient.

-Setting up a snack
It seems that preparing a snack is mandatory for all genres of the film, in the case of watching a horror movie itself preparing a snack can provide some sort of concentration-breaking aid, so as not to overwhelm the creepy story. Preparing snacks in the form of snacks also helps to minimize the level of majors and at the same time prevent hunger when watching a horror movie.

-Turn on the lights
The next obligation when watching a horror movie is to turn on the lights. Bright light will help to break the silence and gloom of the horror movies we watch, at least the lights can give the impression of reality that we experience today is not gloomy, not night, and bright.

-Lots of discussions with friends watching
Discussing with friends watching can be a shift away from the fear and grip that we feel when watching a horror movie, by chatting or just discussing with friends at least can reduce the fear of the results of watching a horror movie.

-Setting up the Mobile near the movie
Setting up mobile phones becomes another alternative to distract from the horror of the horror movies we watch, we can use the phone to take a break from the atmosphere of gripping the movie with just BBM, whatsapp, line, or see Instagram when tired with a fast tempo grip horror movie that we watch.

-Imagine the funny things
As a diversion from fear, sometimes silly imaginations can also help lower anxiety levels while watching a horror movie, just use our imagination to imagine the horror movie we see as an intriguing funny scenario. That way the fear experienced when deepening the movie will turn into a silly thing that is unthinkable.