December 5, 2023


In this modern world, when everything has modernized and so is the selection process in the job interviews. Many of us don’t know much about such modern techniques like psychometric test tools. A psychometric test is basically an objective type questionnaire with generally two choices. And the important thing to know here is that there is no wrong answer to these questions, but these questions and their answers reveal your personality traits or in better words your hidden potential. It judges you on the basis of predefined parameters according to the post applied. For example, if you have applied for the post of the manager then the test will judge you on the traits like your management skills, aptitude, compression, spoken skills, persuasion, power and a lot more which will help you to perform your job efficiently and effectively. Why these tests are needed? Well, these tests save a lot of money and time of the companies, the selection process is a very time consuming and tedious job for the HR department of any company and the management doesn’t want to take any risk regarding the abilities of their selected employees. So to be 100 percent sure they take help of these tools. In the recent years different surveys have shown that countries like UK, UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and many more, which have adopted these methods have performed very well in the global economy.

If you have recently applied for a job and you have to take a Psychometric tests for the very first time then don’t worry, there are many online psychometric tests which can help you by giving an idea about how it is going to be.

An online assessment test mainly judges you on the following basis:

  1. Language skills and comprehension:

The first and the foremost parameter you’ll have to pass for any job selection is going to be this basic language skill test. Where you will be judged on the basis of your knowledge about a particular language (in most of the cases English). Whether or not you are able to understand the questions being asked is analyzed here, if it is a face to face testing you’ll be judged upon how you work with the words you use (sentence formation skills) and if it is an online Psychometric test then it may use other techniques to evaluate you. This parameter is a part of almost every Psychometric test, so it’s very important to perform well in this or you are already out of the selection process.

  1. Your honesty or true personality:

It’s very hard to lie about your capabilities while giving a psychometric test, The test is designed in such a way that it reveals your true personality. Those who have ever taken any such tests might wonder why there are some very similar questions asked many a times in the questionnaire. So that’s the reason, it evaluates you on how you changes your answers and reveals your actual personality. The more honest and satisfactory answers will earn you higher rewards in this part. Select your answers very carefully and mark them properly.

  1. Personality, confidence and energy level (in face to face tests):

These tests are conducted under the guidance of human psychology specialists, who are competent of judging you on the above mentioned criteria, passing these tests become very important when we talk about getting a job as failing in this particular criteria may directly lead to overall test failure. It is also tested that whether your energy and confidence level matches the company standards or not.

  1. Relevance tests:

Then the final stage comes where the companies check your suitability for the job offered. This session might be a personal interview or a questionnaire based test or both, which will evaluate you on the basis of your mindset and your overall performance. Your personality traits and skills should match the task that you would have to perform in the given job. This part is designed keeping in mind the position you’ll have to take after selection for the job. If you pass this stage you are selected for the job.