What Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Has to Do With Love World USA-New Television Network

Biography-Pastor Chris

Chris Oyakhilome commonly referred to Pastor Chris was born in 1963 in Nigeria. Pastor Chris is a graduate of Ambrose University- where he received the call to minister. As a young man, he used to organize church crusades and received hundreds of audience. Chris Oyakhilome is the head of the ministry called Christ Embassy Ministry or The Believers LoveWorld. Chris is one of the popular writers of inspirational and motivational books. One of his widely read books made over a million copies as was sold in over 240 countries. The book has also been translated into more than 800 languages which enhance more audience. This book is the ‘Rhapsody or Realities’. For more than 30 years now, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been involved in the teaching of the word across the world. His teachings and programs are aired on his television channels. His mission involves giving future to the less privileged and changing lives. For instance, in Africa, he has started an organization that promotes education to the needy youth. Through such philanthropic deed, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is among the richest pastors in Nigeria, this is God’s blessing to the hand that gives.


 Christ Embassy Ministry

This is a bible- based church that has spread across the world. It has its headquarters in Nigeria. This main branch has more than 400,000 members. This church has crossed borders in almost all the continents with centers in areas like Canada, South Africa and United Kingdom. Most of the followers of this ministry are the youth, who make up about 80{5549ebdbce8bc201b591a3eaf6b59fac3db89d424027c9ff9f8a6cfda3235cdf}.The church transmits its teachings through networks that runs for 24 hours. These networks-that he owns include the Love World SAT, PLUS and the newly launched LoveWorld USA. The ministry has held numerous crusades that have changed lives. This is exactly what happens as some of its crusades such as Night of Bliss have made history.


 The New Network

LoveWorld USA is the newly launched television network under the Christ Embassy Ministry. There is nothing for the Believers than providing a medium, they can tune to and receive God’s word. This is what LoveWorld has come to do. It will give more of the daily teachings and prayers.


 LoveWorld’s Success Story

There is a success story behind LoveWorld. This is because it has been through a partnership of two people. The two preachers behind its success story are Pastor Chris, and Pastor Binny Hinn. Pastor Benny Hinn is the head of the Benny Hinn ministry that has also aired on the LoveWorld Television network. The two have been friends for some time and on one occasion, Pastor Benny claimed that the two will be friends for life -could be the reason behind this. Moreover, the two pastors have a common factor in that they are passionate about the ministry work and it’s their wish that the word spreads across the world.


 What You Need to Know About the New Network

LoveWorld USA will be airing all types of programs from entertainment, live Crusades from both stakeholders and music. In addition, it will also seek audience from children as their programs will be included. To most people, a network should not only entertain but also give credible news. This is why the new network will be airing news items.There is much more to expect from LoveWorld USA such as live events of some of the popular televangelists and much more.