December 4, 2023

In today’s society there are many working parents that are too busy with having worked long hours and that can’t attend certain teacher parent conferences due to their hectic work schedule. There are parents that want to be more engaged in their son or daughter’s educational success by being able to observe their milestones and their academic progress. When your son or daughter complete their school work or class projects most parents have to wait until after school when they pick their child up to observe their in-class project. In addition, parents usually have to wait until they get home to find out what homework was assigned to their child. Parents are a critical component to their child’s overall development, and it is important for a parent to be able to connect with their child at all times. In staying connected with your child’s educational development, you will be able to build your child’s self-esteem, confidence, social skills, and educational experience.

Parents want to participate more in their son or daughter’s educational experience, but there is limited time and tools that can allow you as a parent to connect with your child while they are in school. Class Dojo is a social multimedia app that allows the parents, teachers, and your child to interact on a social media platform. Your child will have their own profile that only the parent and the teacher can view. The teacher will have full control of the app, which ensures your child’s safety. The app will allow the child to share photos and videos of their project with their parents. Also, it will allow the parents to see an organized calendar view of their child’s assignments and upcoming projects. According to child trends, parents who are engaged in their son or daughter’s schooling early on will have a high probability of their son performing better academically, and their high school completion rate will be greater.

Parental involvement in their child’s education will allow them to observe their child’s development as well as gauge whether or not their child is displaying proper classroom behavior. Educational apps are pivotal for parents of African American decent and Latin American decent. According to edutopia, most minority parents work a second shift and attending a parent teacher conference has become almost impossible. Working a second shift sometimes makes it difficult to contact their child’s teacher. So, with mobile apps that allow you to text these parents are now able to communicate more effectively through texting as opposed to having a lengthy phone conversation. Minority parents rely more on their phones in receiving text as their preferred source of communication as opposed to their white counterparts.

Parenting is a full-time commitment and having the tools to stay connected to your child while they are away from home is invaluable. Applications that increase parent and child engagement in the classroom will continue to foster positive development and relationships for the child, parent, and teacher, which will encompass a healthy learning environment for their child’s overall success.