April 20, 2024

When Jean Frazier learned her son wanted to pursue a university degree, she was excited.

He was more than a decade into a life sentence at a federal prison for a violent crime he committed as a teen. The school work, Frazier thought, would give him something to focus on behind bars and maybe put him on a brighter path for the future.

Canada lags behind other nations


Ivan Zinger, Canada’s Correctional Investigator, said prisons should provide more support to inmates who want to educate themselves because ample evidence shows it is one of the best paths to rehabilitation.

Most Canadian inmates test below Grade-10 level


Rick Sauvé, a former inmate, now works as a peer-support worker helping inmates successfully transition out of prison.


Jean Frazier is the mother of a federal inmate who tried to pursue a university degree while in prison but found the logistical obstacles too difficult. 

Federal prisons ‘working on modernizing’ education programming